Des Solasio is a Gallifreyan-Miraclanian hybrid who originated on Gallifrey. He is the central protagonist of The Des Chronicles.

Emerging from The Doctor's battle with Trev Mackintosh, Des abandoned the title of 'The Doctor' in light of trying to be someone different. He decided to begin a quest to locate the scrolls of Miracla so he could permanently rewrite his DNA from Gallifreyan to be 100% Miraclanian, to disconnect himself from his past even further.

Now cut off from his past, Des was a lot lonelier than his predecessors due to not considering himself as 'The Doctor' anymore. Emotionally haunted by his past, he entered a darker period of his life spattered by resentment, where he tended to brood and act rudely to those who rubbed him the wrong way.

Immediately during his travels, he also gained a human companion by the name of Mollie Saunders, and made the occasional rival/ally in Clyde Hanger. Des eventually began to get noticed by conspiracy theorists such as Chive due to the impression he left on history, also being considered to be a different entity to The Doctor by these conspiracy theorists.


A Day to Come

Des hologram

A hologram of Des shown to Sam Slate

When Sam Slate was activating Emergency Program Two during The Doctor's final battle with The Master, the TARDIS showed holograms of The Doctor's past and future selves, one shown was Des in a black leather jacket, a waistcoat and a tie. (RDW: Rebirth Part 2)