Sunset Valley



That one town from the sims. Yeah. It looks cooler here then it did on roblox

Are you in your 20s? Are you a gym lad? If you answered yes to either of the two questions asked beforehand then you're the perfect archetype for a Sunset Valley Citizen.

Sunset Valley (SV) is a fictional place in Sci-Fi RP and was the main setting for the group across its now non-canonical roblox days and modern days. Despite only appearing in one plot before the place got absolutely destroyed, it holds greater value to some characters and has a nostalgia factor for most members of the group, some say it's the real pinnacle of the roblox days; personally I prefer Jimoon but who am I to judge.


SV was built in the late 20th century to accommodate for the increasing population of England. It was built along the coast so the cheeky real estate buggers could charge double for the houses because they lived next to the beach. The town was fully established in the year 1988 and people promptly began to move in.

The Rise Of Crime

There was one big problem with SV. The high priced houses lead to a lot of criminals becoming interested in what treasures they may hold within; as a result of this, in the 2010s, crime began to skyrocket and there wasn't a good enough police force to counter it.

So what happened?!

Well, the answer to the crime solution was this bloke, who became 'The Dark' & fought crime, protecting the innocent and saving the town time and time again.

The Destruction Of Time Sunset Valley

In 2017, an organization presented the solution to crime in SV. Globot. This lean mean fighting machine was devised to completely obliterate criminals, including vigilantes. It sounded good until the damn thing malfunctioned leading to it going rogue and having to be stopped by the Dark. Who with the help of some useless vigilantes who hit the wall a few times & a mysterious umbrella wielding bloke; managed to shut it down & save the earth. Well, all aside from SV. Unfortunately, the Globot had a built in nuke and well. Boom. SV was no more.


SV's Legacy is yet to be seen in the group, no idea if it will ever get mentioned again or not: probably. Depends if people do anything with it. As it stands, it lives on in any 2015 RPers heart.

Here is a list of some of the great memories forged in SV.

  • Several hundred car glitches leading to shutdowns
  • The birth of the globetrotter
  • Several great plots which were all terrible, seriously I can't think of one single good one. At least this was before the owner started shooting people and telling them it wasn't him.
  • The last time I actually enjoyed building before it got all intense & required extreme levels of detail.
  • That one girl who wouldn't stop stalking Matthew. That was great.
  • Practically every U4 RP before September & I had a mental breakdown. did create a quality video tho, it's not all bad.