The Doctor is a Time Lord who originates from the planet Gallifrey. He is the main protagonist of Roblox Doctor Who (JoshNootered).

After his 16th regeneration (In his 14th incarnation holding the title of The Doctor), he spent a lot of time alone to reflect on his past regrets and actions in hopes that he can learn from them and make up for his actions.

Leading up to The Ghost of Kalfas, The Doctor spent his first three years visiting his past friends, with them being unaware of his existence, giving him a boost to continue his adventure. After receiving a distress signal for the first time in years, The Doctor is left intrigued, yet interested.

The Doctor lands in Kalfas and quickly creates a reputation for himself. Known as "The Ghost of Kalfas", rumors and myths quickly spread across the city, only increasing the amount of threats, and also his will to act.

Meeting a new companion called Sarah Adaren, The Doctor returns to his roots and begins his adventure again. Now with company, they explore all of time and space, doing what they do best.